Everything was perfect! We find this apartment by looking for something reasonable in this expensive city with free parking. We got way more. The view from the room was beautiful. The apartment is roomy, well kept, clean, fully equipped and stocked - like a home away home. Loved that we could use the European coffee machine daily. Bedding was comfy and warm. While we had a car, we didn't want to worry about parking in the city center, so we did take bus often. It was also very convenient and free passes were provided. Definitely coming back here if we were to visit the city again!
D'un chalet à la montagne à une villa avec piscine ou à un château, nous avons la location qui vous convient. Vous pouvez réserver votre location directement depuis notre site internet. Interhome vous fournit toutes les informations nécessaires avant votre départ et s'occupe du nettoyage dès votre départ. De plus, vous profitez de la qualité de nos logements grâce à un système suisse de classification par étoile
Maison de Vacances is a French company that creates beautiful home decorations. Born right in the heart of Paris in the Palais Royal gardens, Maison de Vacances was founded in 1995 and blossomed in the early 2000’s at the hands of Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac. Today, this beautiful brand offers ornaments, cushions, super soft hot water bottles, sheepskins, towels, tablecloths and other pretty items to transform your everyday life. Maison de Vacances truly lives up to its name (Holiday Home in English), creating a calm and relaxing environment, while not forgetting to bring an extra touch of style to your home.