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That's incredible place and amazing people. They offer really high standards. The apartment is perfectly equipped and adapted to the needs of guests. Everything is well prepared. We were pleasantly surprised. The hosts were very nice and helpful. You should visit this place, get to know people like this, and watch the morning through the window overlooking the lake.
Maison de Vacances is a French company that creates beautiful home decorations. Born right in the heart of Paris in the Palais Royal gardens, Maison de Vacances was founded in 1995 and blossomed in the early 2000’s at the hands of Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac. Today, this beautiful brand offers ornaments, cushions, super soft hot water bottles, sheepskins, towels, tablecloths and other pretty items to transform your everyday life. Maison de Vacances truly lives up to its name (Holiday Home in English), creating a calm and relaxing environment, while not forgetting to bring an extra touch of style to your home.